Pot Holders

Pot Holders with Embroidery

Shopping during Christmas time can be a bit stressful.  There’s usually a small group of people that we like to get a little something for that’s not only nice, yet inexpensive but also useful.  Last year I made bath salts for gifts and that was a big hit.  Not only is it easy, it’s also inexpensive and it’s personal.  (Click on the link for that recipe!) Other years I’ve canned jams, salsa and infused oils.  The great thing about something like that is, you typically make them when the produce is in season and all you have to do during Christmas time is make it pretty!

This year I decided to change it up a bit.  I have a sewing machine that also does embroidery.  It’s one of the most fun things I have and I just love it!  I can monogram towels and shirts, and I can embroider other things with a cute pattern.  Back in the Fall, I was shopping with my Mom and we came across some quilted pot holders in solid colors at a great price.  Since they were a solid color, I felt like I had the flexibility to use any type of design and colors.  Well, needless to say, I stocked up!  I mean, really, think about it.  How many people do you know have a kitchen?  Even if they’re not big on cooking, they probably at least heat things up and need a pot holder or hot mat.  Right?

Most of the pot holders I got were a black color.  I know, that sounds dark, but it will typically go with any color kitchen.  Plus I could use lighter color threads to customize it.

Here’s what I did.

Pot Holders with Embroidery     Pot Holders with Embroidery

One pattern I decided on was a pretty, yet simple butterfly.

Pot Holders with Embroidery    Pot Holders with Embroidery

And the other was an abstract hot beverage.

Pot Holders with Embroidery

And I gave each person a set with one of each design.

Here’s a few other ideas that I’ve done for birthdays and other occasions.

IMG_6695     IMG_6693

A friend of ours has a Bichon Frise.  So, for her birthday I embroidered a hand towel with a silhouette Bichon.  Such fun!

IMG_1273      IMG_1279

We have another friend that is Irish and her birthday is near St. Patrick’s Day and I decided to have a little fun with that.  I did a light grey hand towel with a St. Patrick frog on one end of the towel and her monogram with a clover on the other.

Pillowcases are another great thing for gifts.  I could not find pictures of the ones I’ve done, but They did turn out nice.  I would hoop the cuff of the pillowcase and embroider something long and thin, like this one, except I did this pattern in a teal color.  So pretty!

Simply Butterfly Border

I do love my sewing machine and the embroidery feature.  It allows me to personalize everyday things into something special.  I keep a stock of hand towels, pillowcases, these pot holders and a few other things on hand.  If I need a last minute gift, I’m all set and don’t have to make a run to the mall to find something.  Plus, it’s personal!

What do you like to do embroidery on?

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